Emerging vs. Continuous

On the road to nowhere?

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I have been thinking about this idea of “emerging” for a couple of years now.  It was the coming out of my first book of poems that started it. Now I have this can of worms I didn’t want.  What am I going to do with these worms?  Well, go fishing would be the thing to do.  Though my going “fishing” is this essay I wrote for Frontier Poetry.

In an earlier post, I asked when I would be able to “shed the husk of amateur” and perhaps there is no real answer, but I did find out some good truths:

I realized that what you feel/think about something is held by your perspective and that perspectives can shift.  This realization came from Lori Toppel, a writer I interviewed for the essay, who described emerging as “a state of being a continuous one.”   See the small pivot she made there?  Brilliant.

I remembered that writers/poets write to get to what we think is the “truth” and to do that we work to whittle away the barriers of this truth.   Of course, even the truth can shift and change during this process.

And I didn’t forget what Louise Bogan wrote:  “it is yourself you seek.” *

Keep on fishing.

*from “Man Alone”










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