Use Your Noodle

I can barely go a day without having noodles.  Can you?


Make mine noodle

I am full of noodles as I write this post.  I had somen noodles for breakfast.  I whooped it up with sesame oil, sesame leaf and kombu broth.   And yesterday I had fettucini with artichokes and pine nuts at Quartino, a sweet little spot on Bleecker Street.


And more noodle

And the evening before we had a spot on spaghetti with meat sauce at home.


Even more…

But I am an equal opportunity eater of noodles as I will consume instant noodles with just as much verve and pleasure.  Treasure.


Dried kimchi flakes

I got this instant ramen bowl at a local bodega and was beguiled by the promise of kimchi.  Well, it’s really kimchi “flakes” for what it’s worth.  But I slurped that shit up like there was no tomorrow.

My DNA is noodle.


Noodles with Sesame Leaf

1 bunch somen noodles

3 sesame leaves, julienned

2 cups broth (dashi or anchovy)

soy sauce

sesame oil

sesame seeds

  1. Fix noodles as directed,  al dente.
  2. When noodles are done, pour hot broth over the noodles.
  3. Add sesame leaves and add soy sauce, sesame oil and sesame seeds to taste.



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