I Had a Food Blog in Brooklyn…

It is so pleasureable to write about food.



I started a food blog in 2012, writing mostly about Korean food.  I will tell you that the best Korean food you’ll eat is the food you make at home.  I learned how to make it from my mom and aunt.   Before being admitted into a nursing home, they used to live on their own in the Bronx where they were sometimes cooking the basics: noodles and soups.   But when they both came down with dementia, they just kept burning their pots and pans, and once my mom set an electric kettle on the stove and nearly burnt their building down.


Toss your noodle

I like my food blog and can’t bring myself to dismantle it, but over these months I have noticed my posting has slowed down (but certainly not my eating!)  It feels like the beginning of the end…but I want to remember everything.


We’ve been cooking

cassava for hours

while the men drink beer

and skin all they can grab


tonight it’s rat

turning over an agitated fire

spitting out sparks

and ire


good eating for the emperors

and empresses

of Mozambique.

––Jiwon Choi, “To Eat.” Rigorous. 2017



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